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In her performing work, Genevieve combines music, theatre and movement with traditional storytelling techniques to weave tales of wonder, courage and humor for all ages. Her original one-woman performances of Resurrection and Gently Gone combine monologues, songs and poetry to take the audience on a powerful journey through the beauty and pain of the creative soul. Reviewer Todd Hunter describes her work: “Genevieve Aichele has taken the brave choice of baring her soul in performance and has achieved what many artists strive to do but only few truly accomplish: to find the truth. Her success is to the benefit of all who attend her performances.”

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armstrong & aichele
Photo of Randy Armstrong and Genevieve Aichele in Ireland
photo by Van McLeod

Genevieve Aichele collaborates with musician Randy Armstrong in World Tales. Their CD's have won numberous awards both nationally and internationally.

productions available for touring
Note: All productions can be performed as stand-alone pieces, or combined.


photo by Sofia Piel
Part storytelling, part multimedia, Resurrection is a compelling theatrical experience that weaves together mythical and spiritual themes of death and rebirth, incorporating Shakespeare, music, poetry and masterful storytelling. Resurrection draws the audience into Genevieve’s personal struggle with depression and grief, and the incredible quest she has made in search of enlightenment. It is at times shocking, belly-achingly funny, heart wrenching and inspiring; a story about human existence, transformation and redemption. With set design by Wendy Connolly, music by Jeff Fritz and lighting design by Quentin Stockwell.

“Resurrection is a well-crafted piece. Its weaving of tales with analogies, songs, memories, and laughs sets a rhythm that has you listening intently, and watching for its next move. Aichele whips you up with pointed humor, and then nails you to your seat with revealing secrets… Poignant and painful incidences are scrutinized for reason and purpose – both terribly elusive. As Aichele pulls you through difficult times, she saves you, as she did herself, with humor…Resurrection is intelligent, moving and thought-provoking. It’s a good laugh, and perhaps a wake-up call. It definitely belongs on the go see list.”
– Jeanne McCartin, Spotlight Theatre Review, February 10, 2005.

“I was there last night. The one in the third row whose stomach kept growling. You made me happy. I smiled a lot; even laughed out loud several times. You made me sad. I choked up a lot and wondered how you kept your poise… You probably didn’t know you were telling my story (or was it the woman next to me?)… As I drove home, I thought of Arthur Miller and what he said about good theatre. Something about a well-done play leaving you with the feeling that you’re never alone. You’re a gift.”
– Jack Driscoll, Editor-in-Residence, MIT Media Lab, former Editor of Boston Globe

Video - Resurrection featured on NH OUTLOOK
Audio - Genevieve talks to John Walters on NHPR's THE FRONT PORCH

Running Time: 60 minutes
Fee: $3,500 single performance, block-booking & travel fees negotiable
Technical Needs: Please contact for complete rider

gently gone

photo by Sofia Piel
Gently Gone is a story of discovery. After suffering a stroke when Genevieve was young, her father was a man seemingly without spirit. Using rediscovered recordings from the 1940’s, as well as writing from her brothers and sisters, Genevieve uncovers the storyteller, musician, and creative soul inside her father, along with his own struggles with depression and mental illness. In this search through the layers of life to find the man, the father, and the artist she never knew, comes the realization that he had passed on to her these creative gifts – gifts she hadn’t truly valued until their source was discovered. With lighting design by Quentin Stockwell, set design by Carl Aichele and sound design by Kenneth Lacouture.

“Gently Gone is a love letter to the father Genevieve barely knew as an adult… she gives him to us through reminisces, written works from her siblings, and most beautiful as well as haunting, recordings of his voice. These recordings are from when he was a young man at 19 (from a scratchy LP) and continue to his viewpoints as an older man, post-stroke. The recordings bring an uncanny texture to the piece. As she explains the enigma that was her father, she allows the audience to piece his life together along with her. Even more remarkably, she allows the audience to draw some of their own conclusions about her father by proposing theories about who he was, and leaving them at that. By the time the show ends, with a potent, lasting image on the stage, the air is filled with enchantment. Such is the power of Genevieve’s storytelling.”
– Todd Hunter, Foster’s Daily Democrat, February 17, 2005

“Congratulations on a fine performance. You touched on so many things that we all deal with in trying to understand ourselves and the ones we love. It was a powerful piece of work that left me wanting to be more appreciative, more understanding, and more forgiving to those around me. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and for giving us pause to reflect on who we are.”
– Tony Beaumier, Language Arts Chair, York Middle School, York, ME

Running Time: 60 minutes
Fee: $2,500 single performance, block-booking & travel fees negotiable
Technical Needs: Please contact for complete rider

wondertales from around the world

photo by Ralph Morang
Genevieve Aichele combines traditional storytelling with 25 years of training and performing experience in dramatic arts, vocal technique and movement to bring alive myths and tales of wonder, courage and inspiration from around the world. Her repertoire includes stories from her own Celtic and European legacy as well as Japan, China, India, Africa, American tall tales, South American and Native American tradition. Performances and lecture-demonstrations are appropriate for older elementary children through adult audiences and can be custom-designed to suit specific themes. In performance, Genevieve frequently collaborates with a variety of other artists, including musicians Peter Motson and Karen Johnson, poet Lysa James, and storytellers Pat Spalding and Billy Teare. Genevieve also tours with musician/composer Randy Armstrong in World Tales , combining storytelling, theatre and movement with music from around the world. Their first album has received national and international acclaim, including Outstanding Awards from the National Parents Council, the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media, and a 2001 Children’s Music Web Award.

Armstrong & Aichele Website

“Aichele, a master storyteller and movement artist, enchanted the audience with stories from such places as Japan, Africa and Mexico.”
– Eileen Fox, Eye on Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill, NJ (2000)

“We loved your stories and songs. You are the best storyteller in the world!”
– Holderness Central School, Holderness NH (1999)

“A beautiful example of storytelling at its best.”
– Nashville Parent Review (1997)

Running Time: 30-90 minutes (depending on story combinations)
Fee: $500- $1,500 single performance (depending on technical needs, size of audience, and addition of guest artists)
Block-booking & travel fees negotiable
Technical Needs: Minimal for small intimate audiences; sound system required for larger audiences and venues.


Doubt, A Parable, NHTP Professional Company Sister Aloysius
The Primary Primary!, NHTP Professional Company Campaign Manager
Mitty! (The Musical), NHTP Professional Company Agnes Mitty
New Moon Festival, Northeast Cultural Coop Master Storyteller
O Tannenbaum, Elysium Dance Project, Durham, NH Auntie Mae
Gently Gone, West End Studio Theatre, Portsmouth, NH Solo Performance
Resurrection, West End Studio Theatre, Portsmouth, NH Solo Performance
Transformations: Stories & Songs, Portsmouth, NH Solo Performance
World Tales, Armstrong & Aichele, The Music Hall & Multiple Venues Storyteller
Stories from Around the World, Multiple Venues Solo Performance
Motherhood, Menopause & Big Game Hunting, NHTP Vocalist
Womenswerk, NH Theatre Project, Multiple Venues Ensemble Performer
A Child's Christmas in Wales, NHTP, Multiple Venues Ensemble Performer
Alice in Wonderland, NHTP, Multiple Venues Narrator
My Mom's Dad, InterPlay Productions, Dover, NH Storyteller
Fabulous Faerie Tales, Kitchensink Theatre, Multiple Venues Ensemble Performer
Beyond Myth, Kitchensink Theatre, Multiple Venues Ensemble Performer
Adventures of Harlequin & Pierrot, Kitchensink, Multiple Venues Ensemble Performer
Peter Pan and Puss in Boots, Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH Ensemble Performer
Pyramus & Thisbe, Renaissance Faire, So. Carver, MA Thisbe
Multiple events & choirs throughout New Hampshire/Maine Soprano
Men are Trouble (audio book & podcast) James Patrick Kelly
World Tales CD (Winner of three national awards) Armstrong & Aichele
Reflections of 9/11(voiceover) The Music Hall
Arts Education PSA (voiceover) NH Alliance for Arts Education
How Butterflies Came To Be (educational video) Modern Red Schoolhouse
Nutrition at Work (educational video) University of New Hampshire



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