Genevieve Aichele brings her unique talents from the theatre world to Corporate and Educational trainings, coaching and consultations

in the corporate world
For business leaders, attorneys, teachers, consultants, executives and managers on all levels, Genevieve Aichele offers accessible techniques drawn from professional theatre to improve public speaking, presentation skills, group facilitation and leadership.

Genevieve works in affiliation with The Woodland Group, a North Hampton, NH consulting firm specializing in developing human capital through applied systems thinking.  She is also affiliated with Strategic Coaching and Consulting in Newmarket, NH.

workshops available
Telling Your Story: The Art of Presenting with Strategic Purpose – Participants explore the ancient art of storytelling in order to identify individual personal styles and how to access these strengths when presenting.  Genevieve focuses on professional theatre techniques combined with natural style to help participants feel more relaxed and positive about presenting, as well as to develop the art of strategic scripting for maximum impact.

Let Your Light Shine – For those who feel particularly nervous about presenting, for individuals marketing a new business, a new image or making a career change, for anyone seeking to engage audiences of all sizes  - this workshop offers an opportunity to develop your strengths to their full potential and learn specific techniques drawn from professional theatre to deal with anxiety and habitual patterns.  Learn to speak from your heart and let your own light shine through.

corporate training experience

NEA Regional Conference 2006. North Conway, NH - Presentation & facilitation workshop
NEA Regional Conference 2005, Ogunquit, ME – Presentation skills workshop
Women’s Business Center, Portsmouth, NH – Workshop & individual coaching
The Macmillan Company, Keene, NH – Presentation Skills workshop & coaching
Spectra, Inc., Lebanon, NH - Presentation Skills workshop & coaching
Safety & Health Council of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH – Presentation skills workshop
Northern New England Chapter of the American Planning Association, Exeter, NH – Workshop
Bruce Mast & Associates, Leadership by Design, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital – Workshop
Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH - Presentation Skills workshop & coaching
Phillips Exeter Academy , Exeter NH - Facilitator for HR Dept.
Unitil Service Corporation, Hampton, NH – Private coaching for HR Dept.
Citizen’s Bank, Exeter, NH – Private coaching
Mulhern & Scott, LLC, Portsmouth, NH - Private coaching
Woodland Professional Associates, North Hampton, NH – Improvisational Role-Play
American Society of Training & Development - Presentation Skills Workshops ( 5 years)
Leadership Seacoast, College for Lifelong Learning, Portsmouth, NH - Art in Everyday Life Workshop
Arts Rochester - Programming Consultant & Facilitator for board retreat


“Genevieve did a fantastic job in helping us to become more proficient in public speaking. She was patient, encouraging, supportive and always provided us with positive and constructive feedback. Since Gen has been coaching us, we have both received feedback from employees indicating that they have seen a marked improvement in our presentation skills. Thanks to Gen, we are much more relaxed and polished in front of a group. Again, we cannot stress enough how delighted we are with Genevieve ‘s services. She has been very inspirational to us and we hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.”
George Long & Kim Rummler, Human Resources, Unitil Service Corporation

“I can say without qualification that my studies with Genevieve gave me skills and confidence which I use directly in my corporate training and presentations… my ability to speak with confidence and clarity was greatly enhanced. Genevieve has a unique ability to bring out the best in her students…She knows how to get a diverse group of adults to coalesce as a team, and to challenge one another to produce the best possible presentation. Further, she is able to get the group to do this in a mutually supportive fashion, with an emphasis on cooperation. In short, not only is she an outstanding one-on-one personal coach, she is a tremendous group leader.” – Sally H. Mulhern, J.D. Attorney At Law

“I was as tired as I can get on Friday morning and never once felt like dosing off …Your control of the group was first rate and that leads to what I learned today: Know how to treat your audience… and we need to rehearse the theatrics as well as the content. I don’t think most of us were conscious beyond content.” – Participant, Presentation Workshop, The Macmillan Company

“Genevieve creatied a very comfortable atmosphere for the staff, which made it easy for us to take a serious look at our own presentation styles, and how we can work to improve those. Some individual comments: Fantastic. Super. Excellent – give her more time. Really wonderful! She has a lot to offer. Very energizing. Very helpful to our work. Have her back.” – Steve Sacks, NH-NEA

in the educational world
For educators, trainers and community leaders, Genevieve offers custom-designed workshops which use theatre techniques to teach a variety of subjects from history to science, language arts and literacy, peer theatre, conflict resolution, and team-building.

educational training experience

Plymouth State University Graduate School, Plymouth NH - Affiliate faculty (Integrated Arts)
NH Dept. of Education – Consultant for development of statewide Curriculum Frameworks for Drama
VSA-Arts International – Consultant for Start with the Arts Curriculum development
Seacoast Education Services Staff Development, UNH, Durham, NH – Various workshops (4 years)
VSA-Arts Alabama - Teacher training in Start with the Arts curriculum
VSA-Arts Hong Kong - Keynote speaker & trainer at International Theatre in Schools Conference, Teacher training in Start with the Arts and Multi-Arts Resource Guide Curriculum
VSA-Arts NH - Teacher training in Start with the Arts curriculum
VSA-Arts Washington, DC - Teacher training in Start with the Arts curriculum
VSA-Arts CT - Teacher training in Start with the Arts curriculum
New Hampshire Reads, Americorps Training Program – Trainer (8 years)
Educational workshops and teacher trainings at hundreds of schools throughout the US

workshops available

VSA-Arts Hong Kong
International Theatre in Schools Conference
The Teacher as Storyteller: Developing Your Own Personal Style – Workshop explores both traditional and contemporary techniques of storytelling, finding in the process our own unique styles of expressing and sharing our passion for a subject – whether that subject be a folktale, a geography fact, or a scientific concept. Although specifically designed for teachers, activities can be adapted for classroom use, with emphasis on public speaking skills.

Page to Stage: Bringing Literature Alive – Workshop uses creative drama, movement and theatre techniques to animate language arts curriculum, including original writing as well as children’s literature and classical works.

Teaching to All: Reaching Students of All Abilities Through Drama – Workshop demonstrates the use of creative drama and theatre techniques to teach core subjects such as science, language arts, history and cultural studies. Emphasis on encouraging non-traditional learners.

Team-Building Through Theatre – Workshop uses theatre games and ensemble-building techniques to encourage communication and social skills, constructive critical thinking, creative problem-solving, empathy and emotional intelligence.

Peer Outreach Theatre for Teens – Originally developed as an adult literacy model, peer outreach theatre for teens gives voice to youth perspectives and increases awareness of complex issues for both participants and audience members. Workshop explores ideas for using these techniques in the classroom to build community awareness, develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, and to offer academically at-risk youth an alternative method of expression in a positive environment. (For Grades 6-12)

Theatre and Literacy – Workshop demonstrates techniques drawn from professional theatre training to encourage literary comprehension, vocabulary-building, and verbal language skills in all students, with particular attention to those with reading disabilities, ESL students, and other at-risk youth. (For Grades 4-12)

FEES: $500-$1,000 per day. Travel & expenses negotiable.


“Genevieve was wonderful! She is so knowledgeable and experienced in the arts. I felt she provided a safe environment and encouraged us to be creative. Such talent! Lots of good information was provided that I can use in my classroom.” – Participant, Teacher Workshop for The Music Hall, Adapting Children’s Literature for Performance

“Your enthusiasm and passion for teaching children and ensuring that they had the maximum opportunity for a successful experience with theatre was wonderful to observe. I was so inspired by watching you work. You have such a great way of creating and honoring opportunities for kids to stretch, resourcing your own heart and brain and soul for ways to help them succeed and then letting go and embracing them at just the right moment. I have absorbed a wealth of insight from you!” – Beth Boynton, Student, Antioch New England Graduate School, Dept. of Management & Organization


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